Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Remember 2007?

mass rabbinic arrest
mass rabbinic a.c.d.
mass rabbinic impact
mass rabbinic closure

Well, they were at it again today!

About 50-100 rabbis (sorry for the vague number, didn't get to count them myself), most affiliated with the New York Board of Rabbis, obstructed traffic on First Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, just south of the United Nations, at 41st street. The police threatened them with arrest, and most of the protestors moved aside, but 11 stood (sat?) their ground and went all the way in order to highlight dramatically the danger that Pres. Ahmadinejad of Iran poses to his own people, to America, to Israel and to the rest of the world.

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Preparing for the Protest

Protest Rally on the Sidewalk
With Speeches, Prayers and Tehillim

Stepping Out Onto the Street
and Obstructing Traffic

Sounding the Shofar

Final Warnings from the NYPD

Protesters Willing to Risk Arrest
Sit Themselves Down on the Street
and Refuse to Move

Arresting the Civilly-Disobedient Protesters

Loading the Arrestees into Police Vans

And a Few Self-Reflective Media Photos
because i admire real journalists
like Steven I. Weiss of The Jewish Channel

Also, see the following videos of the rabbis sounding their shofars and chanting "STOP HIM [=Ahmadinejad] NOW" as the NYPD orders them to stop blocking traffic, and of Shmuly Yanklowitz (of Uri L'Tzedek speaking passionately of the danger that the Iranian president poses to the world:

I'm just an amateur blogging photojournalist, but these real media reported on the civil-disobedience protest:

‘Arutz Sheva‘ HEBREW and ENGLISH and an INTERVIEW
Asbury Park Press BEFORE and AFTER
The Jewish Channel's Week In Review VIDEO
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